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dcdailylife's Journal

The DC Day in the Life Challenge
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Have you ever wondered what you (yes, you!) would do in the DC Universe? Have you ever thought about what you'd do if Superman flew over your house or Black Canary lived just down the road? Have you ever wondered who does Green Arrow's dry cleaning or checks out library books for Lian Harper? Then this is the challenge for you!

Tell us what a day in your life in the DCU is like :)

We're not looking for a Mary Sue You, but rather a portrait of what you think your life would be like in a world full of superheroes and supervillains. Don't tell us about a raven-tressed emerald-eyed supermodel who speaks ten languages. No, we want to hear about the freelance editor who nearly gets mugged walking home at night in Metropolis, or the harried professor who has to deal with that rich brat Grayson in her public speaking class.

Here are the parameters:

1. The main character should be you (more or less). You can change things like what city you live in or whether or not you're married, if it helps the story. And the character doesn't have to have your exact job, for instance, but try to keep it to something related. (It's okay if you give your main character a job that you wish you had, as long as it's something you could do.)

2. You can write in the comicverse, movieverse, or toonverse, so long as you specify which one in your header.

3. You don't have to interact with any superhero or supervillain, but the fic should show some difference between the DCU and the real world.

4. Length isn't important, we want anything from snippet to novel, if you're so inspired. And heck, if you want to write more than one, go for it!

5. Either post the fic in this journal or link to it, so everyone can read it.